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You need to realize a project?

or you need a hand to support your team?

Let’s discuss how I can help …


Building blocks

I’ve used a vast amount of technologies during my career.

I’m familiar with the building blocks needed for you to succeed …



You’ve got seasoned software?

Software ages and sometimes you need a do-over or a restart.

I can help making the decision and plan the future …

Available for hire starting with 01.01.2023


You need to realize a project? I can help you with that. As an experienced developer I've seen plenty of technologies to support your next project and my knowledge is widely spread.

You provide the specification and I get it done. This goes for server applications as well as web applications.


Having worked on a lot of projects I certainly have seen a lot of codebases that weren't so pretty.

That's not a statement about the developers. Software especially in an industrial context has a long lifespan. And it ages.

There are plenty of reasons for a codebase to erode and sometime you're reaching a point where your standing at a fork:

  • Do you live with the quirks and thus the added pricing?
  • or do you take your experience and start the development of a successor?

I can help you with that decision. I can investigate and analyze your project. I can give you an assessment on how to bring your project into the future.

Leister Mailserver with PostgreSQL

For several years I’ve managed my own mailserver for the simple reason that it provides the freedom I desire. Mainly because I think that mailboxes out there are pretty expensive and I’m managing mail accounts for other people as well. The downside of having your own mailserver is that you have to maintain it yourself, so be aware of what you’re getting yourself into. Even though I already had my mailserver going I stumbled upon a tutorial from Thomas Leister ( https://thomas-leister.
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Magnolia: JCX Unmarshaller

This project is no longer maintained and marked as deprecated since it's no longer actively used. Magnolia JCX is a module which attempts to support JAXB annotations in order to access Jackrabbit repositories. JAXB as an XML representation is a natural equivalent to the hierarchical data stored in Jackrabbit repositories. Therefore it seemed logical to reuse these annotations in order to extract the data from the Jackrabbit repositories. Here’s a little video which may provide some insight (~ 18min):
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Magnolia: Fmx Rendering

This project is no longer maintained and marked as deprecated since it's no longer actively used. The Magnolia FMX Renderer is an additional templating language based upon my own FMX library (see FMX). And how does this language looks like? It’s quite similar to Freemarker as it’s essentially an XML representation of Freemarker. So why would you wanna like to use if it’s just an alternative representation? This extension has several advantages over the direct use of Freemarker:
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