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A Dashboard to monitor restic backups

Since I got some time on my hands I decided to do a little project using python and svelte5 . Primarily meant as a refresher to use unfamiliar technologies and as a way to setup an experimental playground. I prefer to do something useful so I came up with this dashboard for restic . restic is a very fast and reliable backup software which I’m using for over a year now and so far has never disappointed me.
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Unlock your LUKS drive through USB or passphrase

It’s always advisable to keep your data as secure as possible. A great way of doing this is LUKS . Linux Mint for instance supports this out of the box as part of the installation process. Usually an encrypted drive can be unlocked using a passphrase which generally works fine but what if you want to use a more robust key? What if you want to automatically unlock a drive with a key located on a USB drive?
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Start BeakerX using a context path in Docker

The notebook tool jupyter is a nice way to demo code or just having a playground for languages such as python which is supported by default. Even though python is supported by default you can install a plethora of additional kernels (here is an overview: Jupyter-kernels ). For simplicity reasons I looked for a docker image which covered most languages I am using and I got lucky: beakerx . As shown on their website launching this jupyter instance is quite easy:
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Using mdsvex the creation of pages using Markdown within the Svelte framework becomes really convenient. Obviously even though you want to write your content in Markdown syntax you also want to make use of custom Svelte components. This is possible but it requires to provide some technical code into Markdown: The imports necessary for the components. Clearly this doesn’t look nice so that’s where this plugin steps in. It generates a script tag with the necessary imports allowing to use all components.
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