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ResticDash: Switching to Svelte 5 UI Lib

In A Dashboard to monitor restic backups I introduced the initial state of a project allowing to monitor restic backups. For the user interface I resorted to the flowbite UI framework as it provides plenty of components and is based upon the famous [tailwindcss] framework. Obviously I looked for a svelte implementation for flowbite which exists in flowbite-svelte . However I’m using svelte5 and runes which wasn’t supported. That’s not directly an issue but I wanted to use something supporting runes so I used the flowbite code snippets directly.
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remark-autolinker: Automatically generate links within Markdown

One of the basic features of writing Markdown are links. If you are working in a certain domain chances are that you will create the same links over and over again. Nothing stands against it but it’s inconvenient and there’s a likelihood that you occasionally mess up a link. The remark-autolinker plugin allows you to use a global configuration where certain terms are associated with corresponding links. The plugin will then transform these terms into proper Markdown links.
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Some updates for my remark plugins

I made an update for the following plugins: remark-imagetools -> 0.1.3 remark-svelte-auto-import -> 0.2.4 These were minor updates to improve their usability. Both plugins provide support for to generate some logging output configurable using the setting debug. This could have been done easily using the type Debug if you were using Typescript though you had to “calculate” the right number in Javascript. Therefore this propery now allows a string or an array of string providing the corresponding literals.
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An update for remark-svelte-auto-import

With the recent creation of the remark-imagetools plugin I decided to push an update for remark-svelte-auto-import . Other than adding some additional debugging capabilities it is just a maintenance version so my code bases for these plugins won’t drift apart.