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ResticDash: Switching to Svelte 5 UI Lib -

In A Dashboard to monitor restic backups I introduced the initial state of a project allowing to monitor restic backups. For the user interface I resorted to the flowbite UI framework as it provides plenty of components and is based upon the famous [tailwindcss] framework. Obviously I looked for a svelte implementation for flowbite which exists in flowbite-svelte . However I’m using svelte5 and runes which wasn’t supported. That’s not directly an issue but I wanted to use something supporting runes so I used the flowbite code snippets directly. Fast forward: Now there is a svelte5 supporting flowbite extension with svelte-5-ui-lib , so I decided to switch to this library. The following video shows some necessary changes and the advantages of using svelte components rather than the flowbite snippets:

Apart from that I improved the deserialization functionality for the svelte stores. Beforehand I just used the arktype type definitions to deserialized the content from the localstorage directly. This was somewhat flimsy as potential errors in the data structure would yield in undefined results. The update will now dump potential errors to the console so they are noticeable.

Furthermore I added a route ‘/backups/’ which for the moment just list the snapshots associated with it. Clearly this is not a final state.

I also added a dark mode which might require some fine tuning as well. Nevertheless it’s a start.

If you have any feedback feel free to use github for this.