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remark-autolinker: Automatically generate links within Markdown -

One of the basic features of writing Markdown are links. If you are working in a certain domain chances are that you will create the same links over and over again. Nothing stands against it but it’s inconvenient and there’s a likelihood that you occasionally mess up a link.

The remark-autolinker plugin allows you to use a global configuration where certain terms are associated with corresponding links. The plugin will then transform these terms into proper Markdown links. Just provide a configuration like this:

        all: false,
        caseInsensitive: true,
        links: [
            { key: 'Java', link: 'https://www.java.com/de/' },
            { key: 'Spring', link: 'https://spring.io/' },
            { key: 'Spring boot', link: 'https://spring.io/projects/spring-boot' }

This replaces occurrences of the terms “Java”, “Spring” and “Spring Boot” by the corresponding links.

Here’s a short video demonstrating the usage for this plugin: