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KCL 5.0 -

I’ve made several updates to my KCL (short for Kasisoft Common Library) and released version 5.0. This version is based on Java 21 now which added several useful features that could only be used in preview mode beforehand. The update allowed to drop several functionalities from the KCL due to the fact that those convenience functions became obsolete. Apart from that I made several improvements to leverage new features such as record and I spent some time on cleaning up the APIs. After all there was a let of technical debt evolving over the past years. The current version can be fetched using the following GAV:

Maven Gradle Scala
compile 'com.kasisoft:com.kasisoft.libs.common:5.0'
libraryDependencies += "com.kasisoft" % "com.kasisoft.libs.common" % "5.0"