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Xarc4E -

This little archive contains the emodules for the “xpkarchive.library” from Matthias Meixner. You have to download his package to because this archive is useless without his library. This package doesn’t contain any georgeous sources because I’ve only translated the modules for the installer-system I’m writing on. I’ve translated some little example programs to show you the use of this library. If I’ve got more time I will translate the xarDUMMY.library to provide an equivalent in E. If I’m not busy I will create better archives but for the first time this one should be enough. Feel free to contact me.

P.S.: I’ve written a BOOPSI-Class which works like an interface for the XPK-Library. You don’t need to know anything about the XPK-System. You can use this class in this way:

  1. setting up an object
  2. call CCM_POPUPGUI to configure with the help of an internal gui
  3. getting a chunk which contains all selections made by the user so you can safe these settings in the prefsfile of your application
  4. you can set the attributes by passing the chunk
  5. you can compress in these ways
    • File -> File
    • File -> Mem
    • Files -> Files
    • Mem -> Mem

I’m searching for Beta-Tester who are willing to check out this little class, so if you are interested feel free to contact me. If this class is used by enough persons I will implement the XPKArchive-System as well.